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Plan-it has extensive experience in retail, including the toy category and consumer electronics (in addition to food/beverage and fashion noted in specific categories). In helping develop new toy/game concepts, we’ve worked with child, teen and parent audiences to drive optimal product development. In consumer electronics, we’ve done extensive work in understanding and optimizing the shopping experience and developing relevant products for our clients. Techniques have included product usage workshops & exploratory groups, ideation sessions, in-store shop-alongs and ethnographic assessment, among others.
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    Challenge: The Bass brand was becoming outdated and less relevant to young buyers. Objective: To explore opportunities to reposition and differentiate the brand from key competitors. Solution: Plan-it conducted an exploratory study of small discussion groups among shoe buyers and individual interviews among retail buyers to gain an understanding of key ta...

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    Challenge: Plan-it has been a long-term strategic partner to The Hershey Company, providing consumer-based insights and solutions to help Hershey grow within several of its key retail partners. Objective: Evaluate the effectiveness of and opportunities within varied retail environments where Hershey products are sold. Solution: A range of techniques have ...

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    Challenge: Historically, Swatch had been perceived as a “plastic-only” brand in the U.S. The company wanted to evaluate potential long-term opportunities that would help achieve the same brand success in the U.S. that it had internationally. Objective: Evaluate long-term opportunities for the brand to strengthen in the U.S. Solution: Following an in-d...

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    Leading Toy Company

    Challenge: Plan-it partnered with a market leading toy company to help the brand determine the viability of expanding the brand into the infant category. Objective: Launch the brand in the infant category by identifying key rational and emotional benefits that would motivate mothers across key target audiences to consider the brand/products in the infant ...

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