Client Praise:

“Building a brand takes insight, intelligence, a long-term perspective and an acute understanding of consumers. For more than a decade, the founders of Plan-it Marketing have brought all of these things to their relationship with John Hancock. They are part of our brand and marketing team because they always make our thinking and positioning and decision-making better. Plan-it is an important and valued part of what makes us successful.”
Stephen Burgay | VP | Marketing and Communications | Boston University (formerly SVP of Marketing and Communications at John Hancock)

Plan-it’s value on any given project goes way beyond the stated objectives. Their unique way of thinking provides a perspective that allows our organization to be innovative and move beyond the norms of our industry; to understand our customer’s feelings and reactions in a very different way than we have previously. Their hard work, business savvy and “can do” attitude has repeatedly translated into comprehensive and concise product, positioning and advertising development that speaks directly to our customer’s needs. They are who I want working on my team and brand.”
Stephen Bettencourt | Vice President | Senior Research Manager | Hershey’s

“Working with Plan-it Marketing, I have found them to be a breath of fresh air from other research and planning companies I have worked with. They are more strategic in their thinking and they know how to effectively work with our ad agency partners. They have played a critical role in helping make Timberland communications more effective both here in the US and in Europe.”
Malcolm Gray | Former Senior Director |Global Advertising and Communications | The Timberland Co. and Michele Watches

“A lot of planning partners have their own agendas, their own philosophies and their own inflexible ‘I’m the smarty-pants here, shut up and let me do my job’ way of doing things. Plan-it was enthusiastic about working with us, soliciting our feedback and input, adding their own considerable intellectual property, and making sure that what we did addressed our marketing needs.”
Steve Connelly | CEO |Connelly Partners

“What separates the folks at Plan-it from other firms is that they are thinkers, not executors. They have an ability to get inside the minds of customers and make the learning relevant to our businesses. There are any number of market research companies that gather and report data. As brand planners, Plan-it has the unique foresight to deliver business-building insights that are truly “actionable.” Our strategies and creative product are better because of our long association with Cindy, Mary, and Madeline.”
Karen Kaplan | President | Hill, Holliday Boston

“I’ve worked with the principals of Plan-it for the better part of a decade. I have found their insight into the market and into consumer thinking to be quite valuable in developing creative. First, because they have a knack for identifying the messages that truly motivate people. And second, because they are unafraid to have a point of view about the insight they’ve uncovered. They have been and always will be creative partners.”
Mike Sheehan | CEO | The Boston Globe (formerly Chairman of Hill, Holliday U.S.)

Their work has contributed greatly to the development and sustained success of major initiatives with established Fortune 500 companies as well as the development and launch of new businesses.”
Jord Poster | Co-Founder | | Managing Partner | Genesis Capital Ventures

“I appreciate that you always have a point of view and don’t just tell me what I want to hear. I value your insights and perspective on how to build the brand.”
Bob Siegel | Former CEO | Stride Rite

“Insight is the foundation of all great creative campaigns, and the team at Plan-it does an exceptional job of developing strong, clear, and actionable insights. Forge has worked with Plan-it from the day we started the company and we continue to work with them today. We value their thinking, their approach to collaboration, and their sense of humor.”
Harry Chapin | CEO & Partner | Forge Worldwide