Brand Positioning & Development

Build your brand with brand development expertise using proven qualitative and quantitative techniques. Our breadth of expertise across categories means we recommend the appropriate approach for your business need vs. pushing a particular methodology.

  • Brand Positioning
  • Creative Development
  • Brand Monitor & Tracking
  • Website Development & Usability

Customer Acquisition & Retention Projections & Modeling

We use critical methodologies (e.g., exploratory, conjoint, tradeoff, etc.) to:

  • Delve into customer behavior and attitudes
  • Analyze decision behavior and key drivers that motivate choice
  • Understand the weight of varied attributes on a decision
  • Provide optimal scenarios/features and benefits for driving decisions
  • Develop models to predict future behavior

Problem Identification & Win/Loss

Identify the critical reasons why:

  • Sales are down
  • Business was won or lost
  • Customers are not returning

Legal Evidence & Claims Analysis

Studies that use legal protocols to prepare support/evidence for legal cases:

  • Trademark infringement
  • Packaging claims
  • Consumer interpretation of claims

Product/Service Development/Viability

Explore and confirm the viability of new product and service concepts, and quantify interest in terms

  • Desired features and benefits
  • Target audiences
  • Key messaging/branding
  • Naming

Specialty Panels

Utilize one of our specialty panels for these hard to reach audiences:

  • Wealth Panel: Affluent, High-Net-Worth and Ultra-High-Net-Worth
  • Physicians Panel
  • Ethnic Panels : Asian and Hispanic
  • Life Insurance Panel

Market Profiling & Segmentation

Utilize Plan-it’s expertise to more deeply understand the critical target audiences for your brand. We will:

  • Identify segments by attitudes and decision motivators
  • Determine the size and influence of each segment on your brand to provide a rich profile, which allows you to target messaging and marketing for greatest impact.
  • As a final step, develop an algorithm to help you identify and profile future customers for research and targeted marketing efforts

Ethnographic/Secret Shopper

Observational technique that mimics real-world shopping behavior and patterns
Obtain a real world understanding of shopping behavior toward your product or service, and where natural strengths and weaknesses exist