About Our Company

Plan-it Marketing specializes in strategic consulting and proprietary marketing research services, and is located in Boston. Plan-it Marketing’s strategies speak directly to your customers’ needs. So you can invent – or reinvent – your brand around the people and ideas that matter. Know your customer. Tap into their ideas and understand their world. We apply creative, strategic thinking to solve problems and identify new opportunities. Plan-it’s actionable strategies are designed to position brands for rapid success. It’s all about taking the smart approach.


Our Key Values:

Be Strategic.
Establish goals and set plans in motion.

Solve Problems.
Develop smart, actionable strategies.

Stay Positive.
Exceed expectations with vision and inspiration.

Bring Adaptive Expertise.
Tune into the diverse needs of our clients and bring specific knowledge to each project.

Keep It Real.
Identify the real challenges and always tell it like it is.

Plan-it offers in-depth marketing intelligence to companies all over the globe.  Every client’s needs are unique.  That’s why our approach is creative, focused and customized.

How We Work:

We Work With You.
Project-by-project, we’re your strategic business advisors. We combine our depth of knowledge and our experience in a wide range of planning and research techniques to design, implement and provide solutions to our clients’ needs seamlessly, globally. Plan-it is an ongoing strategic partner offering you flexibility and the ability to work with us on an as-needed basis.

To Collaborate or Outsource.
That is the question. Be as involved as you wish. Outsource an entire project to us and we’ll check in regularly. Or be our co-collaborators and brainstorm concepts, participate in surveys and observe fieldwork.

It’s a Team Thing.
Teamwork is an integral part of the creative process. We work in teams to generate the most dynamic thinking and thus provide our clients with the strongest solutions possible.

Immersive Research Works.
At the beginning of a new relationship, we delve deeply into your business and industry. We constantly strive for innovative, creative and strategic thinking, and we continually deliver on that promise. Our clients have appreciated the results, and describe us as leaders in the marketing and planning sector.