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A Major Investment Management Firm: Resident Director

Posted in: Financial Services

A Major Investment Management Firm: Resident Director

Challenge:  Investment Office Directors are financial advisors who have the additional responsibilities of managing a local or regional office within an investment firm.  As part of an ongoing commitment to ensure the value of this role, the firm wanted to better understand the perspective of its area leaders.

Objectives:  To provide input on how to improve the investment director role moving forward, including their perspective on the efficiency of current responsibilities and areas for streamlining if necessary, areas where more support might be needed, and compensation structure for the role.

Solution: An initial phase of individual in-depth online interviews was conducted among a small segment of investment office directors across the country.  The results guided development of a follow-up online survey to quantify results across the entire director audience.

Results: Results of the study were used to put specific measures in place to elevate the overall value of the office director role, and ultimately encourage future interest in pursuing that role among advisors.