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Major Investment Provider: Stock Plan Services

Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Customer Retention, Financial Services

Major Investment Provider: Stock Plan Services

Challenge: A major investment firm which administers client companies’ corporate stock plans, wanted to drive its clients’ employees to a retail account with the firm when they choose to exercise stock options, ultimately to establish a primary, long-term relationship.

Objectives: To understand the mindset and behaviors of stock plan account holders regarding money, investing, and their stock awards, as input for communications strategies and tactics to successfully drive the opening of a retail account with stock proceeds.

Solution: In depth, one-on-one phone interviews were conducted among employees of the firm’s Stock Plan Services clients, representing a mix of genders, ages, positions, fields and tenure as a stock plan services customer.

Results: Plan-it provided key insights focused on employees’ money and investing attitudes, and how those attitudes translated to stock options behavior, as well as strategies and tactics to better support employees as they navigate the complexity of stock awards, with a particular emphasis on strategies for first-time award recipients.