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Arthritis Foundation

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Arthritis Foundation

Challenge: Complete a comprehensive review and audit of the Arthritis Foundation’s communications materials targeted at several key constituents, among them arthritis sufferers and support audiences. Ultimately, the Arthritis Foundation wanted to more strongly establish itself as the leading resource for arthritis information and support.

Objective: Assess the overall communications effectiveness of collateral materials, including whether the content and design motivates potential readers to utilize its services, and addresses key arthritis concerns and needs.

Solution: Through personal in-depth interviews with key target audiences, Plan-it evaluated the Arthritis Foundation’s entire collateral system, including a series of the organization’s pocket brochures/guides and the Arthritis Foundation’s magazine, Arthritis Today.

Result: Plan-it made content, messaging and design/layout recommendations to improve the Foundation’s collateral system, while also providing strategic recommendations for increasing awareness of the Foundation and its resources.