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A Major Hospital: Cardiovascular Care Communications Development

Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Communications Development and Evaluation, Customer Retention, Healthcare, Qualitative Exploratory

A Major Hospital: Cardiovascular Care Communications Development

Challenge: The cardiovascular specialty group of a major NYC Hospital system was revamping and expanding one of its recently acquired facilities, and wanted to understand how to most effectively attract new patients to both the new facility and other cardiovascular locations across the hospital system.

Objective: To provider a deeper understanding of perceptions of and experiences with the hospital’s cardiac care, and reasons and barriers to choosing the hospital for cardiac-related care, as input for the development of a messaging strategy for future communications.

Solution: Plan-it conducted focus groups among a wide range of cardiac care patients, including those who received care at one of the brand’s hospitals and those treated at a competitive NYC hospital.

Result: Recommendations from Plan-it focused on a messaging platform for ongoing communications, to drive trial of the brand’s cardiac care. Other recommendations included operational strategies to secure the continued delivery of top quality cardiac care experiences for patients.