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Collette: Brand Penetration

Posted in: Marketing Profile & Segmentation, Qualitative Exploratory

Collette: Brand Penetration

Challenge: Collette Vacations offers a number of different travel product lines, and the company wanted to explore opportunities specifically to build its Explorations Tours.

Objective: To leverage the Explorations line as an opportunity for future growth by showcasing these tours’ focus on small group tours and cultural immersion.

Solution: Plan-it conducted a Qualitative Exploratory to understand the mindsets of Explorations customers and prospects to uncover critical drivers to travel planning and selection of tour companies. A number of creative exercises were used to illicit feedback. Participants also reacted to a wide variety of industry travel brochures, including Collette’s.

Result: Based on insights from the focus groups, Plan-it made recommendations for an overall positioning for “Explorations” as well as specific content, language and imagery to use in future communications to best illuminate important features of these tours. Operational and service recommendations were also made to help improve the Explorations group travel experience itself.