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Posted in: Communication, Communications Development and Evaluation, Healthcare


Challenge: Plan-it worked with Dovetail Health, a new provider of a well-care concept for aging seniors that allows them to remain in their own homes for as long as possible.

Objective: To understand the mindset and needs of key target audiences, and assess the viability of the well-care program including providing guidance for fine-tuning various aspects of the service prior to launch.

Solution: Plan-it conducted a preliminary Qualitative Concept refinement study utilizing in-person interviews among seniors and adult children who are involved in their parents’ health care decisions. Plan-it then worked with Dovetail to implement a Beta test, allowing participants to experience the service and to provide further operational guidance, as the service moved closer toward marketplace introduction. To further insure the success and longevity of the concept, Plan-it worked with Dovetail to implement a post-launch customer satisfaction tracking tool to provide on-going feedback regarding program operations, implementation and communications.

Result: Plan-it’s work helped inform a successful launch and rollout of the concept. Today, Dovetail strives to combine the comfort of home with high quality health care, while drastically reducing the cost through cutting edge technology that helps accurately record the patient’s key health indicators.