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Posted in: Creative Development, Fashion, Qualitative Exploratory, Retail, Website Usability


Challenge: Keds and its agency Toth developed a new digital platform to support the brand’s new advertising campaign, targeted to teen girls. The platform featured a popular music celebrity and was designed to help drive sales and acquisition of new customers, and increase ongoing engagement with the brand among this audience.

Objective: To gauge interest in the new platform and develop strategies for driving engagement.

Solution: Through exploratory interviews, Plan-it probed reactions to the digital platform concept overall as well as its specific elements, perceived fit with the Keds brand, how the platform affected/moved the image of the brand forward, and anticipated usage of the site/engagement with the brand in the future.

Result: Input and insights were used to fine-tune the platform prior to launch. was launched to reach the brave, independent, and confident teen girl that Keds believed would be most attracted to the brand.