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Major Office Supplies Retailer: Improving Purchasing Experience

Posted in: Products & Services, Professional Services/B2B, Qualitative Exploratory, Retail

Major Office Supplies Retailer: Improving Purchasing Experience

Challenge: A major office supplies retailer wanted to become the go-to, one-stop shop for mid-market companies by improving the purchasing experience among decision makers.

Objective: To understand the mindset and emotional pain points of mid-market businesses, specifically with regard to the responsibilities of running the business and challenges of job-related purchasing decisions.

Solution: In-depth on-site interviews were conducted among office-product decision-makers in medium-sized businesses to understand what parts of the job and the purchasing procedure cause the most headaches.

Result: Results provided insights regarding the pain points of purchasing supplies across a wide range of categories.  Plan-it made recommendations for how to minimize the pain points in the purchasing process and provided input to guide the retailer’s overall operations and communications strategies for the mid-market audience.