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Major Office Supply Retailer: Product Positioning

Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Communications Development and Evaluation, Consumer Products, Professional Services/B2B, Retail

Major Office Supply Retailer: Product Positioning

Challenge: A major office supply retailer wanted to become a bigger player in the Copy & Print Services space, specifically for small to medium-sized businesses.

Objective: To explore the brand’s Copy & Print value proposition, particularly with regard to the role of ‘time’ and efficiency in the decision process, and ultimately, to determine the most compelling messaging for its Copy & Print Services.

Solution: Two online “posting” boards with additional/follow-up questions added daily, to obtain ongoing, in-depth feedback nationally among the company’s small to medium-sized business customers and prospects.

Result: Results provided in-depth findings regarding the decision-making criteria for print products/services, price and time thresholds, drivers of ‘Quality’ perceptions, and reactions to proposed Copy & Print Messaging, and a ‘Quality Guarantee’. Plan-it provided recommendations for optimal positioning and messaging strategies for the brand, moving forward.