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National Coffee and Donut Retailer

Posted in: Food & Beverage, Professional Services/B2B

National Coffee and Donut Retailer

Challenge: A well-known national coffee and donut retailer works closely with its franchisees to help them understand customer needs and how to insure success in a specific location.

Objective: Plan-it has worked with the client on numerous projects, across several markets, to better understand the guest experience in stores.

Solution: Plan-it conducted “user experience” focus groups, using professional videographers to capture customer reactions. These “user experience” focus groups led to learning that Plan-it utilized to create highlight reel videos as a tool for communicating with franchisees about the strengths and weaknesses of their stores, and how to most effectively retain customers and encourage long-term loyalty.

Result: Ultimately, Plan-it’s highlight videos helped bring perceptions of the customer’s experience to life for local franchise owners, enabling them to improve their in-store experiences on a local level.