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Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Creative Development, International, Technology


Challenge: Small Army, and its client, SolidWorks (3D CAD design/engineering software)
developed concepts for an international brand advertising campaign to reinforce interest and usage of the brand among the global target audience of design engineers.

Objective: Plan-it partnered with Small Army and SolidWorks to conduct a creative evaluation across the U.S. and key international markets, to ensure the campaign was clear in conveying its intended message and was relevant and compelling across varying cultures, prior to production.

Solution: Plan-it evaluated all elements of the campaign, including print, the website, web videos and banner ads, as it was important to understand the role of each element, and how effectively print and banner ads drove users/prospects to the website.

Result: Plan-it’s recommendations were used as input for the development of the optimal brand campaign. Our recommendations encompassed strategies for the overall campaign tone, approach, and tagline/name as well as specific executional considerations (e.g., language, imagery) for varying international markets.