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Work ‘N Gear

Posted in: Marketing Profile & Segmentation, Professional Services/B2B, Qualitative Exploratory, Retail

Work ‘N Gear

Challenge: Work ‘N Gear, the largest U.S. retailer of work apparel and footwear designed for industrial and healthcare environments, partnered with Plan-it to establish a clear direction for the brand’s long-term marketing planning.

Objective: Develop an in-depth profile of key target audiences, identify needs of each and understand how well Work ‘N Gear is meeting those needs.

Solution: Plan-it conducted Qualitative Exploratory and Quantitative Marketplace Profile research among nurses and contractors/construction workers to understand attitudes toward the category, the purchase decision process and overall perceptions of Work ‘N Gear store merchandise relative to competitive retailers.

Result: Plan-it was instrumental in identifying opportunities for Work ‘N Gear to distinguish itself within the marketplace and emerge as a leader in specialized apparel via highly targeted promotional advertising, education to key target audiences about overall capabilities and benefits of its apparel, and innovative promotional programs. Ultimately, Plan-it worked with Work ‘N Gear to further realize opportunities to increase the brand’s share of the marketplace and uncover new growth opportunities.