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A Major Hospital: Entering a New Market

Posted in: Communication, Healthcare, Problem ID, Product/Service Development/Viability, Qualitative Exploratory

A Major Hospital: Entering a New Market

Challenge: After the 10 year anniversary of one of its satellite locations, a major hospital was interested in exploring further expansion opportunities at the site through new services and increasing the number of inpatient beds.

Objective: To understand overall attitudes toward the hospital after a decade, any potential pushback toward the expansion of its satellite location, as well as areas of unmet pediatric health needs that could be addressed.

Solution: A two-phased quasi qualitative/quantitative study was conducted among parents, young adults, high school influencers, and community influencers in the satellite location community.

Result: Plan-it’s recommendations were used as input for determining and confirming expansion opportunities, and communications strategies to build support of the expansion among both residents and city officials.