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Boston University: Questrom: New MBA Concentration Viability

Posted in: Education/Cultural, Product/Service Development/Viability

Boston University: Questrom: New MBA Concentration Viability

Challenge: Boston University’s (BU’s) Questrom School of Business has offered the Public and Non-Profit (PNP) MBA degree program for over 40 years. With the addition of a new Energy and Environmental Sustainability Concentration (EES), students also had the option to focus on energy and corporate sustainability.

Objective: To understand the viability of increasing the number of students who choose an Energy and Environmental Sustainability (EES) concentration within their MBA.

Solution: A Quantitative Viability Study was conducted, consisting of online surveys among prospective MBA students. The types of students who would/wouldn’t be interested in the EES concentration at Questrom were profiled, and key triggers and messages for attracting those interested in the program were identified.

Result: Plan-it provided communications and tactical recommendations on how to attract future students to the EES concentration at Questrom.