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Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Education/Cultural, International


Challenge: Babson College had a strong business reputation among commuter and international students but wanted to insure it was also attracting other types of students.

Objective: Plan-it worked with Babson and its agency to develop a brand umbrella positioning platform, upon which future communications for the college would be based.

Solution: Plan-it conducted exploratory work among all key constituencies of the school including undergraduate and graduate students (domestic and international), faculty and administration, alumni, attendees of executive education courses, prospective students, and employers in the Boston area marketplace, to understand the core values associated with Babson, differentiators that make Babson unique among its peer group of colleges, and how to most effectively motivate key targets to consider Babson.

Result: Plan-it’s research led to a recommended positioning strategy as well as tactical ideas to support it, including introducing more campus wide activities to create more of a community among a student body that included many “commuter” students. Additionally, Plan-it suggested strategies to better leverage Babson alumni success stories to not only inspire current students and build networking opportunities, but to build a more widely recognized Babson reputation.