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Boston Children’s Hospital: Brand Reputation

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Boston Children’s Hospital: Brand Reputation

Challenge: Boston Children’s Hospital wanted to evaluate its brand reputation, both regionally and nationally, after a string of negative events had surfaced in the news.

Objective: To understand the extent that negative media events impacted the hospital’s reputation. Also, to understand the role that “trust” plays in parents’ consideration of their child’s care, and its role in combatting negative news.

Solution: A large-scale quasi QL/QN exploratory comprised of focus groups throughout the geographic region was conducted among expectant mothers, parents of children with chronic or episodic conditions, and parents of healthy children.

Result: Plan-it identified limited evidence of trust erosion given the hospital’s renowned reputation as a pediatric leader.

• Plan-it made strategic communications and operational recommendations that would enable the hospital to focus on building deeper, collaborative relationships with patient families, in order to limit fears, retain trust and foster open communication, while continuing to reinforce its world-class reputation.