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Major Pediatric Hospital: Entering a New Market

Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Healthcare, Marketing Profile & Segmentation

Major Pediatric Hospital: Entering a New Market

Challenge: As part of an aggressive growth initiative, the pediatric provider identified a hospital in a new and growing healthcare market, which could potentially drive a successful partnership; a key objective would be to develop relationships with pediatric physicians from that service area who might drive complex referrals back to this hospital.

Objective: To gain in-depth learning regarding the parents’ knowledge, behavior, decision-making, perceptions of pediatric hospitals in its service area and to obtain reactions to this hospital potentially having a presence/partnership in the area.

Solution: An exploratory comprised of focus groups was conducted in this market among parents of children who had recently received non-routine pediatric care from a hospital or specialty care clinic.

Result: The exploratory uncovered a high level of health care satisfaction existed in the market for pediatric specialty care.  However, Plan-it also identified a potential opportunity to enter this market by leveraging the brand’s vast leadership and excellence across subspecialties, and positioning itself as a collaborative partner to the area’s leading hospital, and one that could  fill-in critical gaps and add vast resources.