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Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Technology, Website Usability


Challenge: Comcast’s website did not reflect excitement or the interactive nature of the brand and it core values.

Objective: Plan-it partnered with Comcast and its interactive agency, Beam, to update and redesign the Comcast site to increase relevance, improve the user-experience and motivate customers to more regularly interact with the site. Specifically, new alternative designs for the Comcast website were explored.

Solution: Plan-it conducted a positioning exploratory and site navigation study across critical markets to help understand the impact of alternative designs, determine the most effective overall direction for the website, and functionality that would not only promote exploration of the site and its services among clients and prospects, but would also encourage bundled purchasing of products and services.

Result: Plan-it identified the optimal site design, helped Beam and Comcast identify key communications messages to motivate usage and purchase, and made recommendations related to website design and navigation to insure its relevance and ease-of-use.