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Emerson Hospital: Updating Birthing Center

Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Healthcare

Emerson Hospital: Updating Birthing Center

Challenge: Emerson, as a “community” hospital, is a key birthing location in its service area but was concerned that it needed to update its birthing center to compete more effectively with major Boston hospitals.

Objective: Evaluate how its OBGYN birthing center delivers care and services to pregnant women to ensure local women choose Emerson.

Solution: A series of discussion groups among past patients and prospects took place on-site and included tours of the birthing center to get hands-on feedback of the rooms and delivery area.

Result: Emerson adopted many of Plan-it’s recommendations including adopting private rooms and adding high-risk services. Today, Emerson’s Clough Birthing Center offers the only Level 2 Nursery in its service area.