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Emerson Hospital: Bethke Cancer Center Awareness

Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Healthcare, Qualitative Exploratory

Emerson Hospital: Bethke Cancer Center Awareness

Challenge: Emerson wanted to ensure consumers in its greater service area were aware of its Bethke Cancer Center and its oncology services.

Objective: Plan-it evaluated the effectiveness of communications for Emerson’s Bethke Cancer Center to measure the impact of communications in generating awareness of and shaping attitudes toward Emerson’s oncology services.

Solution: Small, exploratory, in-depth discussion groups were conducted among past users/their families and the general population who live in the service area, as well as physicians and other staff from Emerson. A follow-up quantitative monitor was used to confirm attitudes toward various specialty services of Emerson, further confirming the effect of communications in driving awareness and knowledge of Bethke Cancer Center and its treatments.

Result: Today, Bethke works in tandem with MGH’s cancer center to provide top-notch cancer specialists, leading-edge technology and the latest treatment options for Concord-area residents.