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Major Investment Provider: Young Investors

Posted in: Communications Development and Evaluation, Financial Services, Marketing Profile & Segmentation, Qualitative Exploratory

Major Investment Provider: Young Investors

Challenge: A well known national financial advisory provider wanted to explore and confirm opportunities among key “Young Investor” sub-segments, to strengthen communications and offerings to these specific audiences, and ultimately better drive them to consider the client as an investment provider.

Objective: To explore the mindset toward investing, identify key needs from a provider and explore how to best motivate Young Investors’ sub-segments to consider the client as their preferred investment provider.

Solution: An exploratory of focus groups was conducted across markets, using an algorithm tool during the screening process to classify respondents into the appropriate segments.

Result: Plan-it profiled these sub-audiences, uncovering needs and preferences of Young Investors holistically as well as particular to sub-audiences. Specific language, messaging, and creative recommendations were made to develop future communications and best help the client make inroads with these sub-audiences moving forward.