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First Marblehead: Communications Development

Posted in: Creative Development, Education/Cultural, Financial Services, Marketing Profile & Segmentation, Qualitative Exploratory

First Marblehead: Communications Development

Challenge: Plan-it worked with First Marblehead Corporation on a segment exploratory study, providing input for the development of targeted communications aimed at five key persona target audiences within the college-bound high school and college freshmen/sophomore target audiences.

Objective: To develop optimal communications targeted to five key personas.

Solution: Plan-it conducted in-depth exploratory interviews into the mindset and emotions regarding these targets’ outlooks on the future, the perceived value of a college education and the college search process, including the college funding process.

Result: Plan-it provided detailed profiles of each of the target personas, with recommendations for communications strategies and tactics for each as well as strategies targeted at key influencers (high school guidance counselors, parents, etc.).