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Fresh Samantha

Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Food & Beverage

Fresh Samantha

Challenge: Fresh Samantha was a relatively new natural juice concept that had grown from the ground up, and needed to develop an umbrella brand positioning strategy to serve as the foundation for communications and product development strategies moving forward.

Objective: Determine potential new product flavors and identify the core values and optimal messaging and packaging designs for the all-natural juice brand.

Solution: In-depth discussions that included shop-alongs with juice drinkers to identify juice drinking behavior/trends and appetites. Juice buyers were also exposed to various communications and packaging concepts to determine the most compelling and relevant communications approach and packaging designs for the brand.

Result: Plan-it identified strategic and tactical opportunities for building long-term relationships with customers and expanding the target audience for the brand. New product flavors, packaging, advertising, and promotional strategies were introduced as a result of the work. Fresh Samantha was later purchased by Odwalla and its name was transitioned to Odwalla Juices in subsequent years.