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Groove Networks (now Microsoft)

Posted in: Communications Development and Evaluation, Product/Service Development/Viability, Qualitative Exploratory, Technology

Groove Networks (now Microsoft)

Challenge: Groove Networks (now Microsoft) was defining a new category in the Internet collaborative software marketplace with its new product. Groove Networks was a pioneer in real-time, peer-to-peer internet collaborative software, ensure that its new product launched successfully.

Objective: Assess the overall viability of the new collaborative product among key target groups and determine whether any refinements are necessary prior to launch.

Solution: Plan-it conducted a Qualitative Exploratory Viability and Positioning Study that included small groups and in-depth interviews to:
• Understand whether key target audiences of Gen N and Independent Professionals accurately reflect the primary opportunity groups for Groove or whether they need to be revised or evolved.
• Develop the optimal positioning platform for the product long-term that would serve as the foundation for communications efforts, including building the brand’s image and personality.

Result: Based on insights, Plan-it made recommendations that helped refine key target audiences, and determine the optimal positioning platform upon which to build a brand identity and communications. Groove Networks was later acquired by Microsoft.