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Financial Advisory Firm

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Financial Advisory Firm

Challenge: One of the largest and most established Financial Advisory firms in the country, was interested in extending the brand to the mass affluent investor via a “self-directed” platform. The client needed to understand reactions to the concept and how to most effectively leverage brand equity across this new offering, as well as understand the role its parent company should play in brand efforts.

Objective: Plan-it worked with the client on numerous phases of the development, launch, and monitoring of its self-directed offering.

Solution: A number of methodologies have been used to conduct extensive phases research among both clients and prospects of the brand, including investors with a dedicated advisor relationship, brand Financial Advisors, and the self-directed investor audience. Initially, we sought to understand reactions to the concept, uncover opportunities for enhancement, and learn how the offering should be conveyed in launch communications.

Result: Plan-it’s work drove development of the optimal positioning of the offering, as well as the development of the name and logo for the online service. Today, Plan-it continues to work with the client on an ongoing basis, fine-tuning the offering and communications of the offering to meet the needs of the rapidly changing financial services market.