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Major Investment Provider: Ensuring Relevancy

Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Financial Services

Major Investment Provider: Ensuring Relevancy

Challenge:  In an effort to ensure continued relevancy in a changing financial environment, a major national investment provider wanted to explore overall brand perceptions and the efficacy of the current brand strategy.

Objective: To understand and potentially evolve the brand’s positioning strategy, Plan-it worked closely with the investment provider and its agency on the development of potential positioning concepts.

Solution: Plan-it conducted exploratory work across the US with clients and prospects, both self-directed and guidance-seeking, to understand key drivers of brand selection as well as interest in and reactions to various brand directions.

Result: Plan-it made a recommendation for a new brand direction and worked with the team on final development. As a follow-up, Plan-it evaluated new brand communications that were developed based on the new positioning among high-net-worth, active traders and mass-affluent targets to ensure the messages conveyed were clear and compelling, and to provide direction for fine-tuning the communications prior to final production. The resulting campaign has been highly successful in the marketplace. Numerous follow-up waves of creative development were conducted by Plan-it among key consumer segments to assure the campaign remained relevant, including evolving fresh versions of creative that fit within the campaign umbrella.