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Major Investment Provider: Entering a New Market

Posted in: Financial Services, Product/Service Development/Viability, Professional Services/B2B

Major Investment Provider: Entering a New Market

Challenge: A major national investment provider launched into the B2B stock plan services arena and needed to build credibility in a market with already established competitors.

Objective: To help understand the decision-making process and the key go/no go triggers in selecting a stock plan provider.

Solution: Extensive exploratory interviews over six years with the client’s business-to-business clients (“wins”), as well as prospects (“losses”) of this newer service area, to understand why they chose or did not choose the client as the company’s business partner, and how the client could most effectively “win” this business in the future. Part of this evaluation included understanding the strength of brand for global clients.

Result: Plan-it’s many waves of quasi QL/QN win/loss research enabled the team to provide in-depth, detailed feedback on the reasons for winning or losing engagements. Plan-it made continuous recommendations to the executive committee over time to improve the sales process and implementation, ultimately to ensure successful future engagements. This work helped the client become a leading provider of SPS today.