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National Coffee Retailer

Posted in: Food & Beverage, Product/Service Development/Viability, Qualitative Exploratory, Retail

National Coffee Retailer

Challenge: Plan-it partnered with a national coffee retailer to evaluate its current hot cup and lid design in comparison to alternate foam and paper hot cup designs.

Objective: To determine whether a new hot cup and lid design needed to be implemented.

Solution: A Qualitative Redesign Exploratory was conducted to assess the overall need for a new cup and/or lid design for hot beverages. Plan-it conducted focus groups to gain in-depth information about user behavior and habits regarding hot cups and lids and to determine the optimal cup and lid design.

Result: Based on learning from the research, Plan-it made recommendations for the client to reevaluate its current lid, and implement a more spill-proof, less messy alternative lid. Recommendations were also made to educate customers on the client’s environmentally friendly commitment, letting them know that the brand’s Styrofoam is recyclable, as many worried about the detrimental impact on the environment. Ultimately, increasing customers’ goodwill towards the brand.