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Posted in: Food & Beverage, Marketing Profile & Segmentation


Challenge: b.good launched its all natural burger brand that capitalizes on the desire for a “real” burger experience, using more natural ingredients and healthier cooking methods, in contrast with long established fast food burger chains. After a period of rapid growth, b.good wanted to better understand the motivations of its core customers and the brand’s perceived strengths and weaknesses, to develop optimal strategies for continued long-term expansion.

Objective: To segment the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) marketplace and to understand which target segments offer the greatest opportunity for the brand long-term, as well as how to effectively reach those audiences.

Solution: After an initial exploratory deep-dive, Plan-it conducted an extensive Quantitative Segmentation Study among current customers and prospects to confirm the key motivators that drive their dining decisions and interest in the brand.

Result: Plan-it identified core target segments, the size of each, and provided a profile of each segment. Plan-it recommended strategies for targeting high-opportunity segments in communications and promotions, and identified key geographic areas that offered the best opportunities for expansion. As a follow-up, Plan-it developed an algorithm tool based on the segmentation results, to categorize future customers, allowing for more targeted direct communications.