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Major Investment Provider: Personal Investing

Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Financial Services

Major Investment Provider: Personal Investing

Challenge: A national financial advisory provider was seeking a better understanding of how to most effectively drive consideration of their personal investing services, and ultimately, how to make the brand the chosen provider for a retail brokerage account.

Objective: To explore in-depth the reasons and barriers to choosing the client for personal investing and uncover opportunities for the client to become the leading investment brokerage provider.

Solution: Plan-it conducted a large scale Qualitative of in-depth, individual interviews (in-person and phone) nationally among the client’s prospects who had chosen a new provider within the past six months, half who included the client as part of the consideration set and half who had not. Prospects were probed on tipping points/drivers in selecting their “short list” of providers, and key reasons for choosing their ultimate provider.

Result: Observations and insights from this study provided input into the development of the client’s customer acquisition strategies, including messaging/communications, and customer experience opportunities to drive conversion of the client from contender to chosen provider.