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Major Investment Provider: High-Net-Worth Brochure

Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Creative Development, Financial Services

Major Investment Provider: High-Net-Worth Brochure

Challenge: A major national wealth management provider wanted to develop a high-end brand-oriented communications piece that could stand alone and have longevity for its high-net-worth clients to engage this audience.

Objective: To evaluate alternative brochure concepts for high-net-worth investors and determine the most compelling content and creative approaches, ultimately, to understand the potential impact on customer relationships with the brand.

Solution: One-on-one and dyad/couples in-depth interviews were conducted with high-net-worth investors, during which investors were exposed to comps of alternative brochures and asked to react to content, design, table of contents, impact and visuals.

Result: Plan-it provided recommendations on creative approach, content and design, which were utilized to craft the final communications piece.