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Questex Media

Posted in: Communication, Communications Development and Evaluation, Professional Services/B2B, Qualitative Exploratory, Travel, Website Usability

Questex Media

Challenge: Given the constantly changing travel industry environment, the role of agents was becoming more narrowly defined and focused on specific audiences.

Objective: Plan-it partnered with Questex Media’s travel division which produces Travel Agent magazine, among other travel-related publications, to better understand the leisure travel agent, and to ultimately ensure that the magazine continued to meet their long-term needs.

Solution: To understand the mindset of travel agents, trends in the travel business, and attitudes toward available tools and resources, Plan-it conducted a Qualitative Exploratory among varying targets of travel agents. Agents were also probed on how well Questex Travel Publications were meeting travel needs, and key areas for improvement/opportunity.

Result: Plan-it made recommendations to improve Travel Agent magazine, including content and design suggestions to facilitate use of and interest in the publication. Plan-it also provided guidance for a website redesign, strengthening the relationship between online and print as the site became an exclusive, subscription-based resource for travel agents.