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Autograph Collection Startup

Posted in: Product/Service Development/Viability, Qualitative Exploratory, Retail, Website Usability

Autograph Collection Startup

Challenge: An autograph collection startup needed to define a concrete positioning and name, and improve the site design/functionality to be both compelling and user-friendly among its target consumers.

Objective: To better understand the potential and reactions to the company’s concept, key elements that resonate, and the site experience.

Solution: Plan-it designed and conducted a multi-market, exploratory study among various fan categories (e.g., sports, celebrities, teen celebrities) using a series of small discussion groups that used a variety of techniques to elicit reactions relevant to each category.

Result: The insights gained from the qualitative study confirmed interest in and excitement toward the concept among key target groups. Based on insights, Plan-it made recommendations regarding the concept overall, how to position the startup in communications, and suggestions for site redesign to ensure that it offered a dynamic, compelling experience that would live up to the concept.