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Electronics Store

Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Consumer Products, Qualitative Exploratory

Electronics Store

Challenge: A national electronics store wanted to understand where and how it could effectively compete against large box retailers.

Objective: Plan-it and three other firms were tasked with doing a deep dive into buying habits and retail decision-making of key categories to help drive a future growth strategy. Plan-it took on 2 categories: digital imaging and DVD/DVR products.

Solution: Plan-it launched a Quasi Qualitative/Quantitative Exploratory, including in-home interviews, “shop-along” interviews and shopper diaries to explore consumers’ mindsets and behaviors in terms of the category experience, the role of these products in consumers’ lives, and the impact of the shopping experiences on shopping behaviors.

Result: Based on key learning from this study, Plan-it identified sales, and communications opportunities for RadioShack within the digital imaging and DVD/DVR categories, and defined the key consumer segments with the highest potential for digital imaging and DVD/DVR purchases in the future. Plan-it also identified key areas of opportunity for potential store design and merchandising opportunities, and identified how these products could support the umbrella brand. Plan-it’s analysis and presentation approach was selected as the best approach and subsequently adopted by the other participating firms as “best practices”.