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Royal Carribean

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Royal Carribean

Challenge: Royal Caribbean Cruises’ collateral materials were becoming outdated.

Objective: Plan-it worked with Royal Caribbean and its ad agency, Arnold Worldwide, to revamp the cruise line’s consumer collateral materials.

Solution: Plan-it conducted research among past cruisers and cruise “intenders” to understand their cruise planning process, the role of brochures and other information sources in the process, and how the cruise line’s printed brochures could be modified to better meet their cruise planning needs. Prototypes of new brochures were exposed to cruisers and intenders to obtain in-depth feedback on specific information areas of the brochure. Insights were also uncovered regarding how the printed brochures work in conjunction with Royal Caribbean’s web site, another key source of information when planning a cruise.

Result: Based on Plan-it’s recommendations, Royal Caribbean rolled out new, updated brochures, and made critical changes to its website.