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Shorelight Education: Product Development

Posted in: Communications Development and Evaluation, Consumer Products, Education/Cultural, International, Product/Service Development/Viability, Products & Services, Qualitative Exploratory, Technology

Shorelight Education: Product Development

Challenge: Shorelight Education partners with major US Universities to help recruit and build their international student populations, providing consultation and University-specific programs to help drive these initiatives. To support University efforts, Shorelight designed an online portal for international students studying in the U.S., to provide ongoing resources to assist those students in preparation for making the transition to life in the U.S., both inside and outside the classroom.

Objective: To evaluate the design and perceived value of the platform, for fine-tuning both content and design prior to launch.

Solution: Plan-it conducted focus groups among international graduate and undergraduate students undergoing their first educational experience in the U.S. across U.S. universities.

Result: Plan-it provided recommendations for fine-tuning the platform related to messaging, content, and ensuring easy and intuitive navigation.