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@Stake (now Symantec)

Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Communication, Communications Development and Evaluation, Qualitative Exploratory, Technology

@Stake (now Symantec)

Challenge: Philip Johnson Associates and its client, @stake, wanted to build brand awareness and establish @stake as an innovative leader in digital securities. It primarily focused on financial services, eMarkets (e.g., ASP) and communications service providers (CSPs).

Objective: To assist PJA and @stake in better understanding key target audiences’ perceptions of security service providers and identify strategies for making @stake the brand of choice.

Solution: Plan-it conducted Qualitative exploratory work among key target audiences’ to understand perceptions of digital securities providers overall, reactions to the @stake concept offering and alternative positioning directions, ultimately to drive brand communications.

Result: Based on insights, Plan-it made recommendations for an optimal positioning strategy which served as a foundation for marketing, communications and advertising. @stake was later acquired by Symantec.