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Posted in: Product/Service Development/Viability, Professional Services/B2B, Retail


Challenge: Staples was focused on growing its printing services business among business customers and prospects, and wanted to understand the needs and drivers behind seeking out printing services and, specifically, how Staples could deliver on those needs.

Objective: Ultimately, to determine elements of an optimal print experience both in-store and online to drive usage of Staples print services.

Solution: To provide in-depth learning into the decision-making process for choosing printing providers, reasons/barriers to using Staples/competitive printing services and how to provide an optimal print services experience in the future, multiple focus groups were conducted among a mix of customers and prospects, representing small and medium-sized businesses.

Result: Staples used Plan-it’s recommendations to make refinements to its online and in-store printing services offering to drive greater engagement and retention among business customers.