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Stop & Shop: Power Aisle

Posted in: Food & Beverage, Qualitative Exploratory

Stop & Shop: Power Aisle

Challenge: Despite Stop & Shop’s remodeled Power Aisle (Produce and Perishables) in a number of stores, customer satisfaction ratings for this area of the store remained flat or declined. This section of produce and other perishables is one of the most critical sections of the store.

Objective: To better understand the reasons for the lagging ratings.

Solution: A Qualitative Exploratory study that included a series of discussion groups and shop-alongs among shoppers and store employees was conducted to explore the critical drivers in customer satisfaction within key departments of the Power Aisle as well as the overall impact of this newly designed area.

Result: Recommendations were made for improving store merchandising/signage and operations and enhance the quality of the in-store experience. Sales in this section improved significantly as a result of the changes implemented.