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Stop & Shop/Giant: Healthy Ideas

Posted in: Food & Beverage

Stop & Shop/Giant: Healthy Ideas

Challenge: Stop & Shop/Giant developed Healthy Ideas, a labeling program designed to assist customers with making healthy food choices quickly and easily, and wanted to understand the viability of this program, pre-launch.

Objective: To gain an in-depth understanding of perceptions of the Healthy Ideas program concept, the most motivating/compelling elements of the program, key strengths/weaknesses relative to competitive labeling programs, and reactions to alternative messaging for the concept.

Solution: Focus groups were conducted among key shoppers of Stop & Shop/Giant, as well as shoppers of key competitors, who were concerned about healthy eating, using some interactive shopping exercises related to labeling.

Result: Plan-it’s recommendations helped shape final development of the Healthy Ideas program. In addition, Plan-it made specific recommendations for communications, messaging and store promotions to build awareness among customers. The Healthy Ideas program was launched and has been extremely successful.