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Stop & Shop: New Store

Posted in: Construction & Store Design, Food & Beverage, Qualitative Exploratory, Retail

Stop & Shop: New Store

Challenge: Stop & Shop opened a new store location and tried to cater to a higher-end shopper by limiting lower end/value brands and offering more exclusive food and grocery brands. After opening the new location, the store’s sales were significantly below the expected weekly sales goals.

Objective: To better understand critical drivers of the sluggish sales numbers, and ultimately to understand how to boost sales at the new location.

Solution: Plan-it conducted a Qualitative Problem Exploratory Study including focus group and shop-alongs, to better understand why customers were choosing nearby competitors over the new Stop & Shop location.

Result: Plan-it made recommendations in five key areas, including presentation of products, communication with customers, training of employees, the flow and design of the store, and how to better utilize critical store experts. These initiatives helped substantially build traffic and in-store sales.