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Stop & Shop/Giant

Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Food & Beverage

Stop & Shop/Giant

Challenge/Objective: As a long-time partner, Plan-it has collaborated with Stop & Shop/Giant for the launch of multiple products, merchandising programs and communications efforts.

Solution: Over time, through a variety of exploratory studies that included focus groups, in-store intercepts, “”shop-a-longs””, and in-depth interviews, and surveys across Quantitative studies, Plan-it has helped identify:
• Critical drivers in customer satisfaction within key departments to help build those departments
• The overall impact of the launch of a new product category within the store, focusing on natural and organic
• Shopping behaviors of specific segments to guide targeted communications efforts
• The viability of a new labeling program that has now been implemented store wide
• The optimal identity and logo for the brand through an ongoing series of in-store intercepts exposing shoppers to varied concepts and revisions over time

Result: Stop & Shop/Giant utilized Plan-it’s recommendations to improve store design across departments, merchandising, operations, new program launches and enhance the quality of the in-store experience. The recommendations also contributed to many successful initiatives, helping build customer loyalty, and overall increase sales. Plan-it also helped guide development of the current logo/brand identity which was rolled out across all Stop & Shop and Giant stores, revitalizing an older brand in an increasingly competitive marketplace.