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Posted in: Art & Culture, Brand Positioning & Development, Fundraising, Marketing Profile & Segmentation


Challenge: Tickets-for-Charity wanted to determine the viability of a totally new concept, in which unused “high end” event tickets could be donated or resold via the marketplace for charity.

Objective: To evaluate interest in the concept, and likelihood of ticket purchasers taking advantage of the offering.

Solution: Plan-it conducted a Concept Assessment via online surveys among various ticket-purchasing audiences. Respondents were profiled to determine the most viable demographic & psychographic groups for the concept, and evaluated on specific elements of the concept that were most appealing and motivating.

Result: The concept’s charitable nature generated a very broad appeal and Plan-it recommended it proceed to launch. Interest in the concept was high across all genders, ages and economic groups, whether they imagined themselves as ticket buyer, seller or donor. Ultimately, the concept was appreciated for eliminating the hassle of reselling a ticket among owners unable to use them, providing security by having a known-name hosting transactions, and benefitting the performer/team/ticketholder by the goodwill of making a donation. The concept was launched and has been widely successful.