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Boston University: Dining Satisfaction

Posted in: Communications Development and Evaluation, Education/Cultural

Boston University: Dining Satisfaction

Challenge: Each year, Boston University’s Dining Services conducts a satisfaction survey among all undergraduate students. Findings from this survey have been critical to helping BU optimize the student dining experience, with the ultimate goal of keeping students on the meal plan throughout their four years at BU. In the last few years, survey response rates had dropped and BU Dining Services wanted to refresh and refocus the survey to elicit a higher response rate and obtain more actionable information.

Objective: To measure students’ overall satisfaction with BU’s Dining Services, and identify specific likes and dislikes related to the residential dining halls, retail dining location experiences and food preferences.

Solution: A re-vamped, online survey was sent out to all undergraduate students, with a focus on understanding food offerings/partner offerings that would motivate continued usage of BU’s dining halls. Specific audiences were evaluated to assess satisfaction and help drive future choices, including international audiences.

Results: Findings were used to make dining decisions, including helping direct food offerings, event planning, retail partner offerings on-campus, communications, and other operational improvements, moving forward.