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Chinese Laundry

Posted in: Brand Positioning & Development, Fashion, Qualitative Exploratory, Retail

Chinese Laundry

Challenge: Chinese Laundry was undergoing a complete brand refresh of its core Chinese Laundry brand, to convey a more modern, fresh, and approachable brand, particularly among the Millennial audience.

Objective: To understand the current perceived core attributes of the brand and to discover the potential opportunities for a unique brand position in the women’s fashion shoe marketplace.

Solution: Plan-it, in partnership with Chinese Laundry’s agency Toth + Co, conducted a Qualitative Exploratory consisting of small discussion groups among young, fashion-conscious women across three markets: Los Angeles, Miami, and New York. Participants journaled their shoe wearing behavior during a typical week and shared pictures of their shoe closets to provide a comprehensive view of the target’s “shoe life.”

Result: Plan-it provided recommendations and guidance for the development of the optimal Chinese Laundry brand communications platform and how to best target the desired Chinese Laundry audience, for a brand relaunch.