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Hershey’s: Seasonal Shopping Exploratory

Posted in: Consumer Products, Customer Retention, Food & Beverage, Qualitative Exploratory, Retail

Hershey’s: Seasonal Shopping Exploratory

Challenge: Two major Hershey’s retailers, AAFES (general merchandise retailers for Air Force and Army personnel and their families) and a major retail and pharmacy chain faced increased competition from key competitive retailers (e.g., Target, Walmart, grocery stores, Walgreen’s, and club stores), particularly for candy purchases.

Objective: To help AAFES better understand military household shoppers’ behavior and preferences and help the major retail and pharmacy chain learn how to better position its seasonal offerings against key competitors.

Solution: Plan-it conducted qualitative exploratory studies among AAFES shoppers and shoppers of the major retail and pharmacy chain, as well as competitive shoppers across key markets.

Result: Ultimately, Plan-it made recommendations for improving the overall shopping experience, fine-tuning the product offerings, and more effectively utilizing merchandising, signage and promotions to draw more consumers to the stores, and encourage larger purchases, once in-store.